In an effort to give SRR members options on where to ride from and camp at, SRR members Jerry Tregoning, Don and Monika Lower took a month traveling and riding 780 miles of trails in Mackay, Salmon, Wallace, St Anthony, Island Park and White Bird in order to locate the best of the best Idaho has to offer. The results are in and Mackay's Moose Crossing ATV RV Campground has it all.

Non Resident Idaho ATV "Restricted Vehicle License Plate"

What you need to ride in all Idaho small towns and paved road ways that connect all the great trials is the Non resident ATV Restricted Vehicle license plate. ATV's and Side X Sides must be licensed for street use (Street Legal) when ridden on a public maintained roads and meet the following equipment requirements: break-light, horn, rear-view mirror. To get an Idaho "Restricted Vehicle License Plate" go to any DVM in Idaho. The restricted vehicle license plate is $12 plus $3 for sticker. Make sure to bring your title & drivers licence with you! Operator must carry proof of registration and insurance. As long as you have a valid registration from another state, you do not need to register your ATV or Side X Side in Idaho, this is for the "non resident" restricted Vehicle License plate. The nearest DMV to Moose Crossing is at BUTTE County 10B DMV, PO Box 157, 248 W Grand (Arco) ID 83213-0157 Open 9 am to 5 pm Closed 12 - 1 pm M-F (208) 527-8288 0r (208) 527 3916


Located just North of Arco Idaho along Highway 93 south of Mackay Idaho. This ATV friendly RV park is great! Includes full hookup sites with shade trees, Clean restrooms with showers and access to lots of trails to ride from directly out of the campground. The staff Steve and Barbra are very ATV savy and have maps for the area. They even have an ATV wash area so you can rinse off your rigs before headed out. Call 208-588-2994 for reservations and information.

MOOSE CROSSING recommended rides

1.) Mackay mining camps; Full Day...just head out the back and go North on the frontage road turn right at Pass Creek Road then left on Bench Road. This takes you to the town of Mackay... travel up Main street and follow the self guided tour into the hills... maps are available at most shops and filling stations. This tour can also be accessed from the 3 day free camping area known as Tourist Park, located in town but has no hookups. This could be a nice starting place to camp and ride the areas just West of town, which is mostly mining ruins, then going up to Moose Crossing for the best rides.

2.) The Needles; Full Day...head out the back and go South to Antelope road, follow this into valley (137) past the turn off to Antelope Guard station (135). Stay on 137 and turn left on (754) Which changes to (218) following Leadbelt Creek... Take a left on 223 up to the Needles. Once there travel up (619) for a scenic loop to the mountain tops above the Needles for a fabulous view of the Lost Valley to the North and Craters of the Moon to the South. You can climb the next mountain to the South on road (619) for an even better view. Coming down turn left on (618) which will bring you down the mountain to another fork. Hold to your right and go through a wire fence gate. (make sure you close it once through) and come back to (223) turn left and head back the way you came. For a bit more riding turn left at (137) and pick either box canyon forks (220) or (221) after passing through Iron Bog Campground. Return home by back tracking (137). Make sure you watch for Moose.

3.) Elbow Canyon; Half Day...This is a short ride into two box canyons with great scenery. Just go out the back and follow the frontage road North turn right on Pass Creek road... Just before you get to the Pass Creek Canyon entrance, watch for the sign on the right to take you to Elbow canyon . Once you reach the south edge of the valley go left (273) and follow the road into the canyon... there will be a fork... take the right fork into Elbow canyon which is the most scenic of the two, then on the way back, go up (421) the other canyon.

4.) Pass Creek Canyon; Half Day...head out the back and follow the frontage road North turn right on Pass creek road... follow it into the canyon... looks like a small Zion park canyon, stretching though pines and tall narrow rock towers on all sides... Continue on through... The valley opens up into a vast meadow gently climbing East. Take a side trip up Bear Creek (430) on your left... then come back left and continue to the Pass Creek summit for a beautiful mountain pass. Turn left at the cattle guard (539) and take a look at the old Lorjstica group campground about two miles to the North... Lots of pine and fir, watch for deer and Elk.

5.) Blacktail Canyon; Full day...This is by far one of the most fun. A must if you only do a couple of these runs. head out the back and follow the frontage road North right on Pass creek road. Ride through the Pass creek canyon and out into the open. watch for a sign to "Mud Lakes" on the right (4094). If you get to the Bear canyon road to the left... you missed it. If you are on the Mud Lake road you will see one of the lakes on your left about half a mile from the turn off... stay to the right and follow the road up the valley... You will summit and go through a gate (277)... if you are narrow, you can drive over the narrow grate to the left, if on a side by side, the wire gate is easily opened to drive through... remember to always close gates you open once you are through them. Now the fun begins... You will follow the road through several passes and meadows, then into a forest with a roller coaster ride through the trees.... super fun. Then goes into the side of the mountain out of the canyon and arrives at the caves.... A must stop... after leaving the caves continue until you see a road to the left (527)... if you miss it you will come out into a huge valley... turn back and find the road. It should be easy to see since it's the only road going North off this road... This will take you over Deer Creek pass by Hepborn Mountain and down into the valley to arrive at Pass Creek Road. Turn left and head back West to camp.

6.)Muldoon Canyon. Full day, head out the back and follow frontage road South to Antelope Road. Continue West to road (135) turn right and go past the Antelope Guard Station. This goes up the Canyon to Antelope Pass and drops into Copper Basin. Turn left at (138) at Copper Basin Guard Station. Then left on (510) into Muldoon Canyon. A fun side trip is to turn left on (511) and go up to Green Lake. Park at the old abandon cabin and take the 1/4 mile hike up to the lake... beautiful. On the return down the canyon if time allows, turn left on (138) and stop off at Star Hope Campground. nice place to have lunch. water and restrooms. Then leave the campground back to (138) turn left again and make the copper Basin loop. Follow the Loop Road to (135) turn right and follow it back to Copper Basin Guard Staion, left on (135) back over Antelope Pass then left on Antelope Road and home.

7.)Mamouth Canyon; Half Day...head out the back and go left. follow the frontage road and turn left on Pass Vreek Road, cross the highway and turn right on Alder Creek Raod (144) follow this up into the mountains and turn left on 517. You will pass a small cabin. stay to the right at the top of the hill and watch for sign that says Mamouth canyon. Turn right and follow it up to a beautiful box canyon. The reverse will bring you back to camp.

There are many more trails to ride in this area and we only scratched the surface. These seven are the most convenient to the campground and have been proven safe and wide enough for side by sides. The full day rides are around 100 miles so bring extra gas and never travel alone. Have Fun and be safe.